Mar 8, 2013

Supporting Critical Thinking

Take a moment to see the video on critical thinking. It will provide some insight into the kinds of questions we ask challenges that we provide for students.
The three Cs
Garfield Gini-Newman discusses the 3 Cs—critical, creative and collaborative thinking—with the host of CTV’s Ottawa Morning Live. (5:23 minutes)
Click here to see the video.

Embedded skill development
This video explains with interesting visuals and specific examples how to systematically integrate the skill and content dimensions of the curriculum to enhance students' understanding and increase their ability to think and learn more effectively. Prepared with the support of the Learning Network and the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training, the video explores (6:32 minutes):
-creating frequent opportunities to develop skills
-teaching specific thinking tools to build competence
-supporting independent student use of the thinking tools
Click here to see the video.

Embedded Literacy

 Students Can Learn Strategies and Thinking Processes that are
 Explicitly Taught - Metacognition

This EDUGAINS resource supports the thinking skills mentioned above.

The video can be found at the bottom of the page.Click here to access the page.