Feb 26, 2010

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Curriculum ReviewSummer Writing Team Application

Social Studies, Grades 1-6; History and Geography, Grades 7-8

Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9-12

(Geography, History, Civics, Law, Politics, Economics)

The curriculum review processes for Social Studies, Grades 1-6; History and Geography, Grades 7-8 and the Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9-12 began in September 2009.  Preparations for the writing of revisions are underway.


The revision writing for Social Studies, History and Geography; and Canadian and World Studies (Geography, History, Civics, Law, Politics and Economics) is scheduled for July 12, 2010 to July 30, 2010, with teams working Monday to Friday each week. (Lead Writers will be responsible for coordinating a team within a specific strand or group of courses and will be required for additional days for training and follow-up including July 5-9, and August 3-6, 2010). Participants must be available for all working days of the session from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.  All writing will be done at 900 Bay Street, Toronto.


Qualifications/experience in the following areas will be considered in the selection process:

1.      Demonstrated knowledge, skill and expertise in delivering quality programs based on Ministry expectations in the Social Studies, History and Geography or the Canadian and World Studies curriculum policy.

2.      Teaching experience across specific divisions, courses and/or pathway destinations.

3.      Demonstrated knowledge, skill and expertise in writing effective resources such as units of study and/or board/authority support materials, exemplars, course profiles, and/or Locally Developed Compulsory Courses (LDCC), based on Ministry expectations in the Social Studies, History and Geography and Canadian and World Studies curriculum policy.

4.      Strength and experience with assessment and evaluation based on Ministry policy.

5.      Specific expertise and experience related to any of the following: English Language Learners, Special Education, Equity and Inclusive Education, Aboriginal Education, French language ability, Environmental Education, or Student Success initiatives.

6.      Effective team work skills.

7.      Word processing, data processing and electronic communication skills.

8.      Support the President or Chair of the Subject or Division Association.

9.      Employed in a publicly funded Ontario school board (district school board or Catholic district school board)


Writers will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement on the first day of writing. This Letter of Agreement includes terms related to ownership of materials, fees, timelines, confidentiality and conflict of interest. Specifically, regarding Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest, all materials must remain confidential until such time that the documents are released. Writers involved in the summer writing may not be involved in the writing or production of any teaching resources using information from the summer writing before the documents are released.


Writing team participants* will be paid a per diem rate of $300.00 plus expenses for meals, accommodation (for those whose home address is a minimum 200km return from Toronto), and transportation according to government guidelines (See attached).

*Lead Writers will receive $350.00 per diem plus expenses as above.


Applications are due at the Ministry from your school board or school authority by April 1, 2010. Please follow the guidelines you are given for meeting internal deadlines from your school board or school authority.

Note: The Ministry thanks all applicants, however only successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance by April 30, 2010.  Other applications will remain on file.


For more information please contact:

Elementary:  Stan Hallman-Chong (Stanley.Hallman-chong@ontario.ca 416-325-2085), Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch.

Secondary:  Kim Wallace (Kim.Wallace@ontario.ca 416-325-0888), Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch

Curriculum Review: Social Studies History and Geography; Canadian and World Studies

Application for Curriculum Revision Writing- Summer 2010



Applicant’s Name: ________________________________________


I am applying for:

q Elementary: Social Studies,                              q Secondary: Canadian and World             

     History, and Geography team                       Studies team (Geography, History, Civics, Law, Politics,               Economics)  


q Check here if you wish to be considered for a Lead Writer position. 



Board/School Authority:






School/Site Address:




School/Site Phone: 


School/Site Fax:


Home Address:




Home Phone:





First References:





Board / Organization








Second Reference:





   Board / Organization








I agree that Ministry of Education personnel may contact the above names as my references.


Signature: ____________________________________________________




Applicant’s Name: _________________________________________


Elementary applicants:

a) Check your preferred area for writing. 

      q Primary Social Studies           q Junior Social Studies     q Intermediate History

                                                                                                              q Intermediate Geography

b)   Identify the number of years taught for each specific grade / course, including the years for the grades you do not prefer to write:














Grade 7


Grade 7


Grade 8 History

Grade 8













Secondary Applicants:

a)  Identify first, second and third choice for preferred area of writing.

     q Geography grade___ q History grade___     q Civics  q Economics  q Law q Politics


b)   On the corresponding line, please indicate the number of times you have taught a particular course within the last five years.  (Please include all courses, not just the ones you would prefer to write.)








CGC1P___            CGD3M___         CGF3M___              CGT3E___          CGG3O___              CGW4U___            CGU4U___              CGR4M___           CGO4M___             CGU4C___           CGR4E___              

CHC2D___              CHC2P___            CHA3U___             CHW3M___             CHH3C ___            CHH3E ___             CHT3O___            

CHI4U___              CHY4U___             CHY4C___           CHM4E___               





CLU3M___            CLU3E___              CLN4U___              




State any positions of additional responsibility you hold or have held, e.g. coordinator, consultant/ instructional leader, curriculum leader, coach etc.

(Please identify your role, responsibilities, and the number of years that you held the position)






The number of years I have been teaching is:_____________________


Other relevant qualifications:

French language expertise: q yes qno   Aboriginal education expertise: q yes qno


Special Education: q yes qno                         English as a Second Language: q yes qno  


Additional Qualifications (including Honours Specialist) in: ___________________

q Special Education (Please indicate level completed – Part 1, 2 and/or 3)


q ESL/ELD (Please indicate level completed – Part 1, 2 and/or 3)



q Guidance and Career Education (Please indicate level completed – Part 1, 2 and/or 3)


q Other _________________________ (Please indicate level completed – Part 1, 2 and/or 3)


List any writing teams in which you have participated and your role on the team, where resources were written to support Ministry curriculum expectations. (Consider school, board, regional, or provincial writing.)








All Candidates: Please describe briefly your qualifications and experience outlined on page one of this application as well as other leadership experiences related to the implementation of the current Social Studies, History and Geography; and the Canadian and World Studies curricula.

Candidates applying for Lead Writer positions: In addition to above, outline your background and suitability for this role. Note the additional dates and coordinating responsibilities required for this position.








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Curriculum Writers Applications

The Ministry of Education is calling for applications for Curriculum Writers.
Each Board of Education will be able to nominate people. In addition, our association will be able to nominate people. OESSTA members may submit their applications to oessta@gmail.com.
Click here for the application.


The new Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers' Association (OESSTA) http://oessta.blogspot.com/ is conducting this survey to obtain information to share with the Ministry of Education. The results will inform the writers who will be working on the new curriculum this summer.

Please respond by March 9, 2010. Feel free to share the survey with other elementary teachers.

Click here to complete the survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CPC7RRH