Jan 26, 2009

February 13th in Toronto
9:00 – 12:00
2009 Winter Conference
Islington Junior Middle School
44 Cordova Avenue Islington, 2 blocks north of Islington Subway Station
Social Justice, Critical Thinking
& the New Social Studies Curriculum

E-mail or Fax registrations to:
Stan Hallman-Chong,
Toronto District School Board

Grade specific Workshops
Grade 4: Class Conflict in Medieval Times
Grade 5: The Unhiding of Early African Civilizations
Grade 6: Canada’s Environmental Responsibilities

Jan 15, 2009

Unlike other subjects such as Math, Science, the Arts etc., Social Studies has had no elementary teacher organization to represent it as the Ministry and the Ontario College of Teachers design courses. Although other educators associations have often been consulted on age-appropriate curriculum for children, these organizations are not dedicated to bringing specific research on Social Studies education to the table.
During the last two decades, there has been a groundswell of research showing that children are capable of understanding very complex social science problems and issues. At the same time, research also shows common misconceptions that thwart understanding. It is by teaching specific skills and concepts that are based on disciplines such as geography and history that such misconceptions can be addressed. Furthermore, given our complex, multicultural, multinational, environment and gender and class aware society, Social Studies need to address timely topics. It is in this context that our organization was formed.

The "ONTARIO ELEMENTARY SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS ASSOCIATION” hereinafter called OESSTA is dedicated to the education of all elementary students of Social Studies and to the professional development of all elementary Social Studies teachers.

• To support Social Studies Education at the Elementary Level in French and English.
• To ensure members are well informed and consulted about current issues and initiatives in Social Studies Education.
• To review and provide members with opportunities to examine relevant research
and teaching materials.
• To act as an advocacy body to promote higher order thinking in students and to
promote curriculum that is in keeping with the values of our members.
• To support the development of resources and research by/for our members.
• To provide a forum for discussion, debate and response to issues, initiatives and
research in Social Studies Education.
• To provide professional development for Social Studies Education.
• To maintain links with other professional and community groups with a special
interest in Social Studies Education, such as Ontario Association of Geographical
and Environmental Educators, Ontario History and Social Sciences Teachers Association, Ontario Black History Society, resource publishers etc.
• To maintain strong links with education institutions including all branches of the
Ministry of Education and other institutions involved in the education of
elementary students, including the Teachers' Federations and the Faculties of

• Membership is granted to all educators interested in and/or responsible for Social
Studies Education in Ontario and have proven to the Executive that they have
engaged in in-services and or reading research about the discipline of Social Studies
• The Executive shall be experienced elementary teachers and will review the
membership requirements annually.

Executive Structure:
Stan Hallman-Chong,
Social Studies, Elementary History/Geography Instructional LeaderToronto District School Board1 Civic Centre Court,Toronto , Ontario M9C 2B3(416) 394-7266 (business) (416) 394-6420 (FAX)

Vice President,
Margaret Geare,
Peel District School Board

Byron Stevenson,
Toronto District School Board

Other executive members include responsibilities for communication,
French issues, support material review, development, and distribution, conference/program chairing, etc.

Please visit this page in February to find a survey so you can voice your views on the future of curriculum renewal for Social Studies. The Ministry plans to begin this process in the fall of 2009 and it is important that you share your experience and wisdom.